Thank You

Why we say Thank you? Thank you is such a popular word that we say it in every little favor asked from a friend or family member; or when they did something very thoughtful to celebrate special occasions like a birthday, baptism or a wedding. It is a polite way of acknowledging a service or [...]

Wedding Goofs and Bloopers

"It was not my dream to be here. But fate brought me to this place. To meet you and be with you and only God knew what's next." A WEDDING. True happiness lives within our hearts. "Please be reminded that marriage is a gift." is my favorite line from our priest. He emphasized in his [...]

The Thing Called Love

When love is real, other people see it in you and your partner. Your action shows it naturally. You utter words to each other differently and with a special sweetness. Before our church wedding in the Philippines, my then "ex-boyfriend" and I  attended a marriage seminar in my hometown's local church. There was also a [...]