I Say, Flawless Poems Do Not Exist

"To write a real poetry, all you need is your heart. To master the grammar is pretension, unless...you aim for perfection and book publication, you need extra eyes–those like you who have passion and heart to write genuine poetry." I have written above lines to make a stand over somebody who claimed poetry is only [...]

Multiple Conceptions

Another experimental poetry: Pregnancy and poetry mixed together become both sweet and technical. i A pigeon pair cries out in the night, wearing same skins & their cords are untied, yet tighten by string of life. ii Three poems a mother written in her body, & read it to the world, resembling each other, alike [...]

The Birth of My Other Side

In this crazy world, the mightier of the swords will survive but the humorous among all could keep his sanity intact before he dies. Dry humor, eh? Not a master of it. Maybe because, humor comes with natural talent like when you deliver the lines, by your actions or context of the joke. I cannot [...]