The Coffee Mate I Know

(Treasure the little things you have. For others, these tiny things are their luxuries.)   i was drinking coffee since i was five but the first time i heard someone asked me: would you like a coffee with half and half? i was thirty-seven years old half of my brain froze for seconds i scratched [...]

A Midlife Crisis Poem - Overcome fear and anxiety

Midlife Crisis

(In the kitchen, she harbors onion bulbs—peeled and weeping.)   My dear, I happen to notice this: On the glass remnants of the shower door A hollow portrait, forbearing frame Portrayed a head full of remorse. Opposite words, two woods carved as one The still body, now, an autumn tree Of which I carried the [...]

The Filipino Bread poem

The Filipinos Bread

Breakfast with 3-in-1 coffee & hot pandesal, Gardenia or a loaf from the market called Tasty— they are all bread. Local bakeries make loaves of girls, on glass display she is Bread unless she is a wrapped bread with lacy icing all over her & coy floral accents sit on her landscape of far beauty— [...]