The Coffee Mate I Know

(Treasure the little things you have. For others, these tiny things are their luxuries.)   i was drinking coffee since i was five but the first time i heard someone asked me: would you like a coffee with half and half? i was thirty-seven years old half of my brain froze for seconds i scratched [...]

A Midlife Crisis Poem - Overcome fear and anxiety

Midlife Crisis

(In the kitchen, she harbors onion bulbs—peeled and weeping.)   My dear, I happen to notice this: On the glass remnants of the shower door A hollow portrait, forbearing frame Portrayed a head full of remorse. Opposite words, two woods carved as one The still body, now, an autumn tree Of which I carried the [...]

Nine Pennies of Love

Love grows from stable relationships, shared experience, loyalty, devotion, trust. ~ Richard Wright   Nine pennies a day is how cheap it is to love How couldn’t you afford it? To dare not touch a heart that beats to anyone but you Is only nine pennies, wouldn't you let me do it? My heart is [...]

Cobalt Co, 27

The color I bruise, the color of blood, the color of dusk, of knowing, of longing. I hold my breath imagine you; the color of your eyes--the color of the sea, of crickets, of music, of me. The color stars turn when they realize they are no longer alone.

Poem English is Tough

Freedom in writing is a good thing especially when you are writing a poem. With free verse, you have the liberty off the rhymes schemes, syllables and structure. The only challenge about free verse poem is how to make it meaningful and beautiful without following a specific pattern. English is not my first language Yet, [...]

The Filipino Bread poem

The Filipinos Bread

Breakfast with 3-in-1 coffee & hot pandesal, Gardenia or a loaf from the market called Tasty— they are all bread. Local bakeries make loaves of girls, on glass display she is Bread unless she is a wrapped bread with lacy icing all over her & coy floral accents sit on her landscape of far beauty— [...]