Thousand suns

He reached for the kindness, stayed for one Then preached for the love forlorn. Touched and felt the warmth so cold. Like a thousand suns behold. Like a dying star, long forgotten now In depths of grave tussles in my beasts Who hover like clouds on his seams. Blessed are those who live above them [...]


I've killed the jive, it was omnipresent, Hanging in certain old rooms, Juvenile, incessant, persistent of a fool; Smaller distances are infected fast, With hymns and humans on every bark; A faulty road surpassed by ghoul, Where orange and grey masters rule, Of an affinity towards a copper statue Built in disguise in your greener [...]

Nitrogen N,7

I am nitrogen tonight,   colorless tasteless relatively rare always causing difficulty.   But useful when I burn or decay.   You cannot wash me away. I make the ocean my bed.   Prefer moons that have atmosphere.   I am impure.   I will dissolve gold.