Multiple Conceptions

Another experimental poetry: Pregnancy and poetry mixed together become both sweet and technical. i A pigeon pair cries out in the night, wearing same skins & their cords are untied, yet tighten by string of life. ii Three poems a mother written in her body, & read it to the world, resembling each other, alike [...]

When A Young Artist Dreams

The poems says it all, “When a young artist dreams”. Molded thoughts of a child by her mother's hands & grace, she asked her, who do you want to be A mockingbird singing opera or a duckling princess dancing at night? Her mother buzzing like a fly, talked endlessly as they marched in the museum [...]

A Mother’s Masterpiece: Her Unbaked Sculpture

A Mother's Masterpiece dirty hands are not always dirty, so to speak. firing clay rides the potter's wheel, or sculpted hands shaped like brown, crafted mannequin fingers begging, or praying? coated doll size of Rockefeller tree, the painted rainbow moon misses on each day glows in aid of sun broken mosaic a mother's masterpiece who's [...]

Movie Review: The Astonishing DEAR ZACHARY

Saturday is a typical Netflix movie day for us. Flipping through the movie categories in Netflix, we ended up in the documentary section and the next one on the list is Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. I thought it would be like the same boring documentary films that we’ve watched [...]