Multiple Conceptions

Another experimental poetry: Pregnancy and poetry mixed together become both sweet and technical. i A pigeon pair cries out in the night, wearing same skins & their cords are untied, yet tighten by string of life. ii Three poems a mother written in her body, & read it to the world, resembling each other, alike [...]

When A Young Artist Dreams

The poems says it all, “When a young artist dreams”. Molded thoughts of a child by her mother's hands & grace, she asked her, who do you want to be A mockingbird singing opera or a duckling princess dancing at night? Her mother buzzing like a fly, talked endlessly as they marched in the museum [...]

Movie Review: The Astonishing DEAR ZACHARY

Saturday is a typical Netflix movie day for us. Flipping through the movie categories in Netflix, we ended up in the documentary section and the next one on the list is Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. I thought it would be like the same boring documentary films that we’ve watched [...]