Chasing The Sunrise

While waiting for the sunrise on a calm and beautiful beach in Florida, we ended up watching the birds and the peaceful waves because the sun did not show up. We were so excited to witness the sunrise by the beach and we did not expect it will be too cloudy that early morning. Thus, [...]

Simply Haiku: Part 4 – Not So Beautiful Weather

When the weather is not so beautiful, hope becomes a timely virtue. Heartfelt poetry thoughts in Haiku form: dark, ice-cold sidewalk deer hides in hemlock trees, jumps high on snow ground. *** gusty wind blows wild, young sailor reefs the mainsail, ...fears worst storm coming. *** lightning streaks the Earth undying radiance, fearsome flash of [...]

10+ Free Blog Header Images For You

This year will be the first Christmas of Ymatruz Instinct. Looking back at the past months, we collected our favorite pictures which were mostly used for our posts, and we formatted them as blog header images. The good news - it is free to download and to use in your own website! This is our [...]

Simply Haiku: Part 3 – Birds & Sky

The bird asks the sky, "Fly me to the moon". Heartfelt poetry thoughts in Haiku form. moon began to ebb away from conceited earth, waved dark sky – goodbye. *** naughty gray parrot, demented squawks and screeching, ...careful what you say. *** lady nightingale sings beautiful lullaby perched on the tree branch. *** old black [...]

Simply Haiku: Part 1 – Life of Nature

"The only rule that I follow in poetry is, counting the syllables." A poet counts syllables of his haiku - turns it into sonnet until it races with Wilde's longest prose. Heartfelt poetry thoughts in Haiku form: crickets lay their eggs maple leaves fall to the ground squirrel hunts its prey. *** musty air swings [...]