A Midlife Crisis Poem - Overcome fear and anxiety

Midlife Crisis

(In the kitchen, she harbors onion bulbs—peeled and weeping.)   My dear, I happen to notice this: On the glass remnants of the shower door A hollow portrait, forbearing frame Portrayed a head full of remorse. Opposite words, two woods carved as one The still body, now, an autumn tree Of which I carried the [...]

Poem English is Tough

Freedom in writing is a good thing especially when you are writing a poem. With free verse, you have the liberty off the rhymes schemes, syllables and structure. The only challenge about free verse poem is how to make it meaningful and beautiful without following a specific pattern. English is not my first language Yet, [...]

Goodbye 2016: A Year End Reflection

How I missed blogging and it has been just a week. I had to take care of my partner after a surgery and so I promised to concentrate to his healing process before starting another writing task or further my career plan. I knew I would struggle watching over any sign of post-surgical symptoms which [...]

I Say, Flawless Poems Do Not Exist

"To write a real poetry, all you need is your heart. To master the grammar is pretension, unless...you aim for perfection and book publication, you need extra eyes–those like you who have passion and heart to write genuine poetry." I have written above lines to make a stand over somebody who claimed poetry is only [...]

Life is full of nuts…But I like it!

I am a wife. A badly serious wife claiming an old-fashioned relationship but which I ask my husband to get rid of the cobwebs from the ceiling while I wash the dishes. I volunteer to cook  then, I interrupt his cozy movies so he could poison test the food. Or, with our mutual understanding, where [...]

When A Young Artist Dreams

The poems says it all, “When a young artist dreams”. Molded thoughts of a child by her mother's hands & grace, she asked her, who do you want to be A mockingbird singing opera or a duckling princess dancing at night? Her mother buzzing like a fly, talked endlessly as they marched in the museum [...]