A Midlife Crisis Poem - Overcome fear and anxiety

Midlife Crisis

(In the kitchen, she harbors onion bulbs—peeled and weeping.)   My dear, I happen to notice this: On the glass remnants of the shower door A hollow portrait, forbearing frame Portrayed a head full of remorse. Opposite words, two woods carved as one The still body, now, an autumn tree Of which I carried the [...]

Goodbye 2016: A Year End Reflection

How I missed blogging and it has been just a week. I had to take care of my partner after a surgery and so I promised to concentrate to his healing process before starting another writing task or further my career plan. I knew I would struggle watching over any sign of post-surgical symptoms which [...]

I Say, Flawless Poems Do Not Exist

"To write a real poetry, all you need is your heart. To master the grammar is pretension, unless...you aim for perfection and book publication, you need extra eyes–those like you who have passion and heart to write genuine poetry." I have written above lines to make a stand over somebody who claimed poetry is only [...]

What Defines a Real Believer?

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and to mind your own business." ~ Saint Paul Nobody is perfect. Everybody sins. These phrases are very common as we always hear it everyday. If the center of discussion is about a questionable attitude towards something or an action deemed wrong, we utter them to [...]

Courage to Survive, a Must in Life

It is captivating when we hear somebody talk about their life endeavors and how the energies of faith helps them to achieve something beneficial in their lives. Courage leads you to advance confidently in the directions of your dreams. When a person has an ambition, he works wholeheartedly with firm trust to himself towards realization [...]

The Heart of Silence

Silence is never magical. It is often misunderstood. Yet, it can move a soul. There are people who are not good in small talks. The tendency is when they go to social events, they simply smile when someone greets them, or they say a short "Hi" and that's it. At times, a burst laugh at [...]