The Coffee Mate I Know

(Treasure the little things you have. For others, these tiny things are their luxuries.)   i was drinking coffee since i was five but the first time i heard someone asked me: would you like a coffee with half and half? i was thirty-seven years old half of my brain froze for seconds i scratched [...]

My Job Is Stalking the Sun

When you are bored and has nothing to do, why not try to walk under the moonlight, enjoy the seashore, or simply stalk the sun? My Job is Stalking the Sun I am sitting on the balcony Outside the rented apartment Right at the tip of my rooftop The bees wander around I think they're [...]

Trapped In A House Fire: Her Name Is Soledad

Two houses separate my old parent's house, where my brother's family now lives, from the burning homes. I was told the event happened early Wednesday evening. We are grateful that firemen came before the fire spread to their direction. In times like this, when your family was spared from the tragic moments, you have no [...]

The Sound of Hair

Pride of my heir, the sound of hair long rejoiced in silence, in weightless whisper. Dear fellas, this poem is meant to be fun. Someone challenged me to write a poem about the sound of hair, and his conditions were: keep the title as it is and use his idea for the ending lines. The [...]