The Sound of Hair

Pride of my heir, the sound of hair long rejoiced in silence, in weightless whisper. Dear fellas, this poem is meant to be fun. Someone challenged me to write a poem about the sound of hair, and his conditions were: keep the title as it is and use his idea for the ending lines. The [...]

The Birth of My Other Side

In this crazy world, the mightier of the swords will survive but the humorous among all could keep his sanity intact before he dies. Dry humor, eh? Not a master of it. Maybe because, humor comes with natural talent like when you deliver the lines, by your actions or context of the joke. I cannot [...]

Life is full of nuts…But I like it!

I am a wife. A badly serious wife claiming an old-fashioned relationship but which I ask my husband to get rid of the cobwebs from the ceiling while I wash the dishes. I volunteer to cook  then, I interrupt his cozy movies so he could poison test the food. Or, with our mutual understanding, where [...]

The Heart of A Bird: Why do birds glide?

One of my favorite parts during road travel is watching the birds glide through the air. I always wonder and wish I could fly like a bird. Probably, this was the reason I always dreamt of flying. When I was a kid, I thought the birds were "showing off" their flying skills to their 'bird [...]

Wedding Goofs and Bloopers

"It was not my dream to be here. But fate brought me to this place. To meet you and be with you and only God knew what's next." A WEDDING. True happiness lives within our hearts. "Please be reminded that marriage is a gift." is my favorite line from our priest. He emphasized in his [...]