Poem English is Tough

Freedom in writing is a good thing especially when you are writing a poem. With free verse, you have the liberty off the rhymes schemes, syllables and structure. The only challenge about free verse poem is how to make it meaningful and beautiful without following a specific pattern. English is not my first language Yet, [...]

Simply Haiku: Part 3 – Birds & Sky

The bird asks the sky, "Fly me to the moon". Heartfelt poetry thoughts in Haiku form. moon began to ebb away from conceited earth, waved dark sky – goodbye. *** naughty gray parrot, demented squawks and screeching, ...careful what you say. *** lady nightingale sings beautiful lullaby perched on the tree branch. *** old black [...]

Simply Haiku: Part 2 – Love & Soul

"When you are looking for true love, don't lose your mind. Keep your door closed until you hear the knocks... from the mailman. Love is in the mail. Boo-ya!" Heartfelt poetry thoughts in Haiku form. pollen wanders, screams sweetly, yelling – love is here! ...waiting for the bee. *** you're the lovely song of my [...]

Simply Haiku: Part 1 – Life of Nature

"The only rule that I follow in poetry is, counting the syllables." A poet counts syllables of his haiku - turns it into sonnet until it races with Wilde's longest prose. Heartfelt poetry thoughts in Haiku form: crickets lay their eggs maple leaves fall to the ground squirrel hunts its prey. *** musty air swings [...]

Announcement: Simply Haiku Is Here

Starting tomorrow, we will have a series of Simply Haiku's collections, consisting of 5 haiku in each post. These haiku are grouped according to the theme of that issue. Also, we will slowly transition the Haiku page to have its own category. To look for sample Haiku, you may look here. If you are interested, [...]

Top 10 Olympic Haiku: For Awe-Mazing Athletes

The 2016 Summer Olympics which is commonly known as Rio Olympics 2016 is being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The competition features 28 Olympic sports and total of 42 disciplines including the popular games swimming, diving, track & field, gymnastics, football, basketball, field hockey, boxing, weightlifting, badminton, tennis, archery, shooting, volleyball, taekwondo and a [...]