I Dream The Dream Of My Father

And so the time has come to share another poem from my wordsmith tongue I Dream the Dream of My Father Morning sun rises but not shining without my coffee bean As the sun is always dark like the writer's block Though brain's as big as this planet but all empty If I can't think, [...]

Happiness Afterlife

Losing a loved one is painful. Stunned, you feel your heart sinking and then comes this uneasy, tense wailing of denial that someone you love had departed from this world, "No, this is not happening!". It is like the pain of losing him/her from a tragedy or loss is endurable. Well, it is true. I [...]

My Father’s Legacy

The legacy of a father is not of what material inheritance was left but how his grandchildren are well brought up to be good human beings. This is true with my Dad. He was born poor and he died as one. He neither finished high school nor even got a really stable, fix earning, long-term [...]