The Beauty of Christmas

Alright, it is December once again. Christmas is in the air. How do you treat Christmas each year? For the sake of the holiday season, we are giving you a very simple poem (for kids) in time for your celebration. Anyway, Christmas are for kids, right? The beauty of Christmas is not the gifts we [...]

Happiness Afterlife

Losing a loved one is painful. Stunned, you feel your heart sinking and then comes this uneasy, tense wailing of denial that someone you love had departed from this world, "No, this is not happening!". It is like the pain of losing him/her from a tragedy or loss is endurable. Well, it is true. I [...]

Thank You

Why we say Thank you? Thank you is such a popular word that we say it in every little favor asked from a friend or family member; or when they did something very thoughtful to celebrate special occasions like a birthday, baptism or a wedding. It is a polite way of acknowledging a service or [...]