Happiness Afterlife

Losing a loved one is painful. Stunned, you feel your heart sinking and then comes this uneasy, tense wailing of denial that someone you love had departed from this world, "No, this is not happening!". It is like the pain of losing him/her from a tragedy or loss is endurable. Well, it is true. I [...]

The Old Man is an Angel

Angels come in our lives and we may not even notice it. Angels are real and they are all around us. One night, Fely was left alone in their food store and she intentionally kept the store open in the hopes that more customers would come. Time was around seven o’clock in the night and [...]

So help me God

Through prayers, we could stand more years. With God’s grace, lovelier are our days. Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Also known as Antipolo Cathedral located in the City of Antipolo, Philippines St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York houses the astounding sculpture of The Madonna and her child. You and I know him. When [...]