A Midlife Crisis Poem - Overcome fear and anxiety

Midlife Crisis

(In the kitchen, she harbors onion bulbs—peeled and weeping.)   My dear, I happen to notice this: On the glass remnants of the shower door A hollow portrait, forbearing frame Portrayed a head full of remorse. Opposite words, two woods carved as one The still body, now, an autumn tree Of which I carried the [...]

Goodbye 2016: A Year End Reflection

How I missed blogging and it has been just a week. I had to take care of my partner after a surgery and so I promised to concentrate to his healing process before starting another writing task or further my career plan. I knew I would struggle watching over any sign of post-surgical symptoms which [...]

What Defines a Real Believer?

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and to mind your own business." ~ Saint Paul Nobody is perfect. Everybody sins. These phrases are very common as we always hear it everyday. If the center of discussion is about a questionable attitude towards something or an action deemed wrong, we utter them to [...]

The Heart of Silence

Silence is never magical. It is often misunderstood. Yet, it can move a soul. There are people who are not good in small talks. The tendency is when they go to social events, they simply smile when someone greets them, or they say a short "Hi" and that's it. At times, a burst laugh at [...]