This page has been updated as of December 2017.

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POETSGIG – Thoughts are ideas scattered in your head. When written forms a sentence. When rhymed, it forms a phrase and singing it blooms a beautiful poem.

If you are a blogger or a passionate writer who desire to inspire others with good insights, your works are welcome.

Or if you have good story to tell and looking for some exposure to publish your works, be it in any form of writings – essay, poetry, short story or creative writing, it does not matter.

Write what’s in your heart. Tell us your stories.

Good theme means either serious, funny or witty as long it would give positive motivation to your audience.

Do you have useful tips and tricks, how to’s or Top n’s to share?

Send us a private message to start.

However, we have few guidelines when submitting your articles:


  • Prepare your submissions
  • For Essays and Short Stories Submissions
    • Should contain at least 500+ words and have at least one high quality image relevant to the posts which is owned by you or with appropriate credits to the photographer.
  • For Poetry Submissions:
    • To be a featured poet, poems should not be no more than one-page each. Submit your best 1-3 poems of any type in .pdf or .doc format using Times New Roman – 12px font and send through the Submission Form. If an image is included relevant to the poem, it should have appropriate credits to the photographer.
    • If you are submitting Haiku, include 3 poems of relevant theme.
    • Experimental poetry is fine.
    • For member poems, read further guidelines below.
  • For Artwork Submissions:
    • Send covert art in JPG or PDF format via Submission Form. Image should not be more than 2 MB file size.
  • What You Need To Know:
    • Keep them original. We do not tolerate plagiarized content.
    • Should be well written and good quality. We like your writing if it touches the heart and inspire readers.
    • Avoid articles or any submissions that promote negative encouragement. Remember PoetsGig revolves around positive and inspirational motivation.
    • Only previously unpublished manuscript written in English can be accepted.
  • Authors Biography:
    • Include the writer’s brief bio referencing your background at the bottom of your email message including links to your website (if you have one). Do not forget to mention if you prefer to use a pseudonym.
    • Members can update their biographies and social contact upon login to the website.
  • Payment and Copyright:
    • We regret that no payment is given if your work is accepted.
    • Authors retain the rights of their works.
    • When you submit to us, you affirm that the work is entirely your creation and you own the copyright to the work.
    • We archive published article, poem or artwork; and it will be kept in our archives unless you send appropriate requests that your work be deleted.
  • Submission Fees:
    • We do not charge fees.
  • Technical Difficulties:
    • For questions and issues regarding the use of this website, please Contact Us.

    Member Poems

    If you want to publish your poem on this website, sign up as a member.

    You may submit only 1 poem every 15 days.

    If you are submitting Haiku, include 3 poems of relevant theme.

    Poem must be original and you own the copyright.

    Only previously unpublished poem written in English can be accepted.

    All online submissions are being moderated. You will receive an email within 1-7 business days once your poem is accepted and posted on the website.

    Authors retain copyright of their work.

    Submit Quotes

    If you want us to publish your insightful quotes, send a message via our Contact form. Indicate author’s name, if different from the submitter.

    Our guidelines are subject to change. We encourage reviewing them prior to submitting manuscript.

    We’re waiting!