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Poetry can have multitude of interpretations. While poetry written by established poets are truly remarkable, modern poets reflect their words in perspective no less understood by the masses. Some poets write poems which are not crystal clear to the readers and there are emerging poets who write about their experiences and emotion using cliché or less cryptic metaphors.

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Read A Poem: A Note for My Best Friend


You are a person closer than anyone else,
You're like a song in my heart.
You're like a poetry to my soul.
A missing colour to my life
My muse to my piece
A canvas to make my life complete.

You're a person who touched deep down in my heart.
I'm comfortable with you by my side
Sharing funny and saddest things under the sun
Even in my sleepless night.
You're really a blessing and a true friend of mine.
A companion who adds happiness to my life.

I thank you for all the things you have done.
For making me smile when I feel blue
For your encouragement to reach my dreams
For understanding me if I act like a kid.
Thank you for giving your time at your busy hour
And most of all, thank you
For always being there as my best friend.

© Mari Felices

Today our featured poet, Mari Felices, shares her favorite poem which she wrote to her bestfriend.

About the Poet
Mari Felices is a simple woman. She graduated from Palawan State University and earned her Bachelor of Entrepreneurship. She is presently working in Hong Kong as a governess. Poetry is one of her passions in life, a reflection of her heart and soul. She is a writer by hobby and her writings reflect her thoughts and feelings.


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