Cobalt Co, 27

The color I bruise, the color of blood, the color of dusk, of knowing, of longing. I hold my breath imagine you; the color of your eyes--the color of the sea, of crickets, of music, of me. The color stars turn when they realize they are no longer alone.

Platinum Pt, 78

   Life is nothing more than this; we are either the shaker or the thing that shakes. Add me up and you’ll find I’m precious, rare, but highly unreactive. Divide me by desire, see how I neatly fit around your finger.  I long for a box to climb into, a bed of a tissue folded in half—I [...]

Thousand suns

He reached for the kindness, stayed for one Then preached for the love forlorn. Touched and felt the warmth so cold. Like a thousand suns behold. Like a dying star, long forgotten now In depths of grave tussles in my beasts Who hover like clouds on his seams. Blessed are those who live above them [...]


I've killed the jive, it was omnipresent, Hanging in certain old rooms, Juvenile, incessant, persistent of a fool; Smaller distances are infected fast, With hymns and humans on every bark; A faulty road surpassed by ghoul, Where orange and grey masters rule, Of an affinity towards a copper statue Built in disguise in your greener [...]

Chlorine  Cl, 17

1977 One piece bathing suit made of heavy double-knit with a modesty skirt that clings to my thighs and darts for chests girls at my junior high don’t seem to have. Each size a different color; baby blue for size 2, then stoplight red, navy, petal pink, Kelly green, tulip yellow, magenta & hunters’ orange [...]

Nitrogen N,7

I am nitrogen tonight,   colorless tasteless relatively rare always causing difficulty.   But useful when I burn or decay.   You cannot wash me away. I make the ocean my bed.   Prefer moons that have atmosphere.   I am impure.   I will dissolve gold.