Nine Pennies of Love

Love grows from stable relationships,
shared experience, loyalty, devotion,
trust. ~ Richard Wright


Nine pennies a day is how cheap it is to love 
How couldn’t you afford it?
To dare not touch a heart that beats to anyone but you
Is only nine pennies, wouldn't you let me do it?
My heart is not made of silver but equals the rarest music
Its rhythm when nourished like a straight line; 
If mad like a sawtooth contour in the meadow land
If bleeding, my arms soak my heart in saltwater,
To let entrapped bubbles pass through
They form a new set of fingers—to count my pulse anew
To rest from hurting is to be a dormant tree in winter
Better than to stop loving and be a dead grass forever
To wear the ring is to deserve my trust and nine pennies
The tip of the pyramid where the purest copper lingers
The one place you can collect interest—any second.

Ymatruz is the author of poetry book: The Coffee Cries Foul. She founded hoping to accommodate works of other poets and writers, anywhere in the world. She also writes about her blogging and migration experience on PoetsGig. Her motto: "By experience you learn. By embracing mistakes, you become a master of perfection."
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