Fevered Night of A Soldier's Wife

Fevered Night of Soldier’s Wife

Do you want something warm?
she asks her husband
Coffee, hot chocolate? 

she heard: No. 
Tea?, she insists
& sits to wrap 

her arms
around his 
winter coat

& lays her head
on its shoulder
to cuddle 

his thoughts
with air-drawned kisses
the wine glass gets 

every night
she sobs
a soldier's wife

she weeps 
waterfall of lava
dull crystals look

like a muster 
of shadow stains 
in their empty

couple's nest
she walks in
to lay on his side

of the bed—
his pillow
side sleeps with her

fevered with longing
her eyelids

& melt 
the bedroom
until dawn.

Ymatruz is the author of poetry book: The Coffee Cries Foul. She founded PoetsGig.com hoping to accommodate works of other poets and writers, anywhere in the world. She also writes about her blogging and migration experience on PoetsGig. Her motto: "By experience you learn. By embracing mistakes, you become a master of perfection."
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