How Can You Forget the Weapon poem on Florida school shooting

Response Poem to the Florida School Shooting


the sun was wide
awake & witnessed
in gloomy stillness,

pulled off the smoke
are seventeen
dead bodies

who could be
one of your siblings,
your mother, or your father,

or your best friend,
or—it could be you
who was left

bleeding densely from
bullets—the empty heads
of half-sick men;

while the world burns
in your heart, how long
if neither months nor years

chest would breathe
the words & utter:
i'm healing

if sore limbs marked
by bullets wouldn't walk 
normal again

how can the skin forget
the freckles & scars she had

how can you forgive
the weapon—if one bullet
fired is too heavy enough 

to bury

“How Can You Forgive the Weapon” is a response poem to the devastating Florida school shooting on February 14, 2018 which killed 17 people, including teachers and students, and injured countless others.

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12 thoughts on “Response Poem to the Florida School Shooting

  1. Tabatha says:

    I’m hoping that our collective responses to the shooting will blend together into something powerful enough to “pull off the smoke” and keep the bullets in the guns. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt poem.

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