Poem English is Tough

Freedom in writing is a good thing especially when you are writing a poem.

With free verse, you have the liberty off the rhymes schemes, syllables and structure. The only challenge about free verse poem is how to make it meaningful and beautiful without following a specific pattern.

English is not my first language
Yet, here I am writing this poem.
I have nothing but heart and courage
And hope my readers will comprehend.

As for me, I am a fan of rhymes but counting syllable is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I am still trying and the easiest way I think to start is by creating a haiku which simply follows a 5-7-5 rule.

I don’t like haiku
Because of the syllables
It drives me insane.

You and I know him
When we pray his heart humbles
Gives comfort in vain

Another tough part in writing a poem, to a great extent an English rhyming one, is the choice of words and pronunciation. At one point, I wrote a poem and when I published it online (which reads the poem for you), it was the only time I realized some of the words I used are pronounced differently, making the phrase not rhymed to the other lines.

This poem Why English is so hard (a poem)? is so amusing that it cleverly elaborates the difficulty of learning English through poetic language.

English is a tough stuff to learn. How much more when you use it to compose a poem? Better yet, practice helps.

If others say, your poem is not good enough to be called “a poem”. Tell them, who gives a shit? When rustic poets started the trend, they followed no rule.

Ymatruz is the author of poetry book: The Coffee Cries Foul. She founded PoetsGig.com hoping to accommodate works of other poets and writers, anywhere in the world. She also writes about her blogging and migration experience on PoetsGig. Her motto: "By experience you learn. By embracing mistakes, you become a master of perfection."
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