Anne with an E: A Must-Watch Television Show For Poetry Lovers

Anne with an E TV Show Review for Poetry Lovers

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Why are the worst memories most insistent?

asks Anne Shirley to the lady she is with inside the train while they travel going to the Bright River train station. Anne is going to Green Gables to live with the Cuthberts.

Anne is an orphan and the phrase below from the admirable show — recited by Anne with much pleasure, would give you an idea about the siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, and why they decided to adopt a child:

Two hard-working decent people, lonely all their lives in their silent house longing for the love of a child.

After watching the first 10 minutes of the Netflix TV series, Anne with an E, I couldn’t wait to watch the full Season 1. I really enjoyed it. The young actress playing the redheaded Anne is so effective in her role as a desperate, headstrong orphan — but smart. Oh, how she adores descriptive and big words! She talks too much that I said this while watching: Oh my God, when is she gonna stop talking? With all her full energy, Anne just loves to recite poetic words, performs dramatic readings and she even invents story of her life based on what she read from the books.

My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.

The use of flowery language which I only hear and read in poems, totally got me to sit undisturbed in the sofa during the full 90 minutes of the first episode. I applaud the deep poignancy of the script lines just like how I admire her remarkable love and appreciation for the beauties of nature. (In case you are wondering why, I love to write poems that’s why I started PoetsGig.)

I am ecstatic beyond measure that I’m going to belong to you and your sister. Ecstatic. I’ve never belonged to anybody before.

And as she enjoys the splendid sight of Prince Edward Island on her way to her new home:

I am enraptured by this glorious landscape.

Or this, are you still with me?

I’m in the depths of despair

Anne has quite a full plate at early age and it is her miserable past that gives her the strength to keep going. Not everyone shares her once difficult and lonely life. For someone like her who struggles to adopt in a new environment, and to be loved and be accepted, the inevitability of her determination will capture your heart.

If all the world hated you and believed you wicked…but your own conscience approved of you and absolved you from guilt…you will not be without friends.
~ Jane Eyre

she said in one of the earlier scene.

For all I thought, I was the only one who got hooked by Anne with an E:

I am extremely heartbroken and disappointed…that the table is not setup, yet.

uttered surprisingly by my husband — with a radiant smile — when he entered our front door from picking up the Chinese food for dinner. It was a “no-cook” night for me. I blamed the show because of them:

I am bursting with curiosity.

I long to sleep soundly tonight. While in deep slumber, I will hold the moon in my hand and spend the night gazing the stars with my beloved, and wait for the coming of delightful morning nature endows to us fabulously.

Filled with eager hope, the next time I open my sleepy eyes, the Season 2 of the Anne with an E series will be ready to watch in Netflix.

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