A Mother's Poem about Red Chili Pepper Plant

Poetry Friday: Anything That Flower

Anything That Flower

My mother thinks
the red chili pepper plant is a 
décor, a lovely looking 
flower that puts me
on a nightshade
Imagine a fruit 
that looks like a
vegetable on top of
the coffee table,
lavishly seated in an
imperial red trumpet 
vase, its color as red as
her furious face 
when I said: It’s pretty Mom— 
pretty perfect for the kitchen 


She argued: It has to be
in the living room
& I didn’t stand a chance
It has to be. She approved herself
& because I love her so 
I let it be
Therefore, I have learned
anything that flower 
fits my mother’s crown

& stays in My kingdom
where She reigns.

© Ymatruz 

A Mother's Poem about Red Chili Pepper Plant

Last week, I shared the letter I wrote for my father. It has been about 5 years since I saw him last.

Today, I have written “Anything that Flower”, a unique & funny poem dedicated for my Mom.

I put together some of my selected poems and quotes, and published them on Createspace. The Love chapter of the book begins like this:

i love my father so much
to a great extent i have written
this book about the love i have
for my mother

Below is also an excerpt from my poetry collection, The Coffee Cries Foul.

Mother Poem from The Coffee Cries Foul book
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