Poetry Friday: A Letter to Dad

A Letter to Dad Haibun Poem

Dear Dad,

How are you? Your grandchild Austin would always respond: Fine, every time we asked him this. He is speaking English! Although, we were not sure if he meant what he says, which made it more fun. He is now two years old — and more and more years — he is becoming to look like you. Nice kid, like the rest of his cousins.

smiling poor kid forever lives in his grandfather’s shadow

We spent Christmas together this year — all of my siblings, our families, and Mom, of course. It was too crazy and noisy week-long events of our big family. I must not forget, you knew what it was like. The house was packed. And the food was all gone. Mom’s pantry was emptied and truly, needs refilling.

one tiny house
too many joyous faces
a real nightmare

It has been about 10 years since I experienced a warmer and humid holiday. So, my husband and I decided to fly home this time of year. Often, from where we live in the US, it was cold and dry white Christmas.

snow flowers
white crystalline petals
summer longing

Christmas eve was a blast! Invited cousins and friends came to celebrate with us. You should be here so you’d witness the joy in Mom’s face. Even happier than when she saw my husband at the door for the first time. Nobody knew we were coming home and she had the loudest scream of surprise.

his unexpected presence
sweeter than red wine
she almost fainted

Dad, we didn’t forget to buy you and Mom your wedding anniversary cake. It is our tradition every Christmas eve, remember? It took my sister forever to get the cake from the store because it was crowded and they ran out of chocolate flavor. She got the mocha one, instead. Soft light brown outer shell, blue-green-red fondant flowers and white frosting on the sides — incredibly gorgeous and delicious creation.

forty five years
conceived eight viable eggs
broken shell to multiply

Don’t you worry, we visited your place before we left. The grasses are tall again but the area was clean. My brothers cut the grasses about two months ago, when they visited you last time. How they wish they could do it more frequently but, they live far. You know, we all love you, right? And we miss you a lot, too!

on your
lingering love and sadness
unspeakable words

We had fun during our stay. Hubby said: Christmas in the Philippines is an experience he will never forget. He can’t wait to do it again. However, he hopes there is no typhoon next time.

I will find time again to write you another letter.

Lots of love,

Your daughter and son-in-law.

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It’s Poetry Friday!

I hope you enjoy my haiku offerings today. It is a pleasure to write something which the subject is your family, especially when you write about the good stuff.

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17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Letter to Dad

  1. lindabaie says:

    Your post is full of what we all know and love of Christmas. I love the weaving in of haiku within the narrative, and a letter to your mother. It is so sweet!

    • Ymatruz says:

      Thank you. I thought nobody would notice the humor but you did. I always turn to love when I’m running out of subject for poems. Words come out easily if you are full of love.🙂

    • Ymatruz says:

      Thank you for reading the story. My father had given me overflowing love that no amount of good metaphor and poem can top it…He deserves to get a share of my poems once in a while..🙂

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