A Dengue Poem: My Little Brother is a Pig

My Little Brother is a Pig, Poem About Human Guinea Pig

My Little Brother is a Pig

A human guinea pig. A trial run of false cure; 
            in the very greedy eyes of businessmen, 

a political investment. As the vaccine inoculates 
            into him hoping to be kept safe; shielded 

from death, he swallows yet, more magnified harm. 
            His days; numbered. Dengvaxia – dengue shot  

offered like sweet candy every child must have; a chocolate,
           deadly liquid chocolate forced upon children.

Human guinea pigs are neither literary myth, 
            nor inexplicable mystery of undiscovered science, 

but, certainly, an exploitation of the lower class. Tell me,
            why children are dying? Is Dengvaxia a cure 

made during medieval ages; where you sway your hands 
            and cast spells with your magic wand?

To you cohort of health, wearing grins beyond face masks;
            and don't excuse yourself Mr. ex-President: what if 

it is your child; troubled by grievous pain...what if, he is the one 
           lying on my brother's deathbed with swelling brain?

Imagine, there is one kid, afflicted, say, your only child and now, 
           he's gone. Poor, innocent bird denied of the chance

to grow up; to fall in love with summer flowers; to bring forth his fruit 
           in his season. Imagine, your child dies without saying goodbye.

The world will know what you did to my little brother, 
           how you slaughtered him alive, the world will see.

To inject a vaccine is to remedy an illness; 
            to win the battle; to prolong life. Don't you know,

in wars, aiding the enemy infesting your people is treason?
            And a cure that kills human beings is not a cure; it is poison. 

© Ymatruz

My Little Brother is a Pig is a response poem to the dengue vaccine scandal escalating in the Philippines. Hundreds and thousands of children drastically vaccinated with Dengvaxia amidst the theoretical risks, during the term of previous administration; are in danger of contracting a severe form of life-threatening hemorrhagic dengue fever; and the manufacturer Sanofi admitted that the vaccine might not be safe.

Reports state that there are children who already died of severe dengue, months after getting the shot.

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