A Tale of Lucid Dreams: The Sun & The Remote Control

A Tale of Lucid Dreams

I am a lucid dreamer. Not remembering my dreams when I woke up, is unusual to me.

From fuzzy objects to flying while being chased by bad spirits, or hearing the sound of my nephews’ voices very clearly as if I was right there with them; I traveled more places in my dreams than I ever did in my waking life.

If I ever attempt writing dark fiction novels, I want to believe I could put the scenes together based on my bizarre lucid thoughts, but sadly I am not into it.

Today, I would like to tell you a dream story about the Sun & the remote control. I wouldn’t mind if you try to interpret these strange events I had seen in my sleep:

“At the height of my sleep the other night, I dreamed of the sun. The sky was white and clear. In my hands I was holding a remote control which has an LCD screen (if you use a digital thermometer, the screen is similar to it) but it has a wider and larger display.

I saw random string of numbers ranging from 565 to 604 or 645, while I was adjusting the temperature using the remote control. Confused, and I kept thinking about in my dream, if the numbers were Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

I looked down from the sky, I was a bit worried if other people were comfortable enough or were they not feeling too warm nor too cold. For a brief moment I saw myself, my roaming eyes explored around. Somehow my half-conscious mind was telling me: It’s winter and I have to watch the temperature, carefully.

After a while, I saw a round and deep plastic container, which seemed like there are water vapors inside it. I grabbed a cloth and wiped it dry. Then, inside the container I pulled out an electronic module or a circuit board, like a portable transistor radio (if you open the lid). I examined it closely and I could see the electronic chips, resistors and capacitors which in my head, they looked like buildings, houses and trees. I thought to myself: Hmm….Probably, the remote control is connected into the circuit board. It came to me then, it didn’t make sense that I could control the temperature of the sun using a handheld device from quite far distance. That’s when I became aware I was only dreaming.

I glimpsed at the sun once more, while its golden glow spread across the sky, I felt whatever feeling of fear I have was gone. I realized the weather was pleasant and that everyone was blessed to have such beautiful weather at that time. So, there was nothing to worry about.

However, I can’t get rid off my head the temperature readings because I still wonder what scale to use.”

Does anyone has similar experience in your dream? You are more than welcome to share your dreams, too, in the comment section below this post.

Disclosure: Credit to Kate of Pixabay.com for the original photo. Image was altered using Gimp.

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