Thousand suns

He reached for the kindness, stayed for one

Then preached for the love forlorn.
Touched and felt the warmth so cold.
Like a thousand suns behold.
Like a dying star, long forgotten now
In depths of grave tussles in my beasts
Who hover like clouds on his seams.
Blessed are those who live above them
Above this endless scarcity, this drought.
Bereft of the need of the light, I ought
To learn the life of lonely heavens too.
It’s a life aloof, a life from this blue.
A life away from the red I ran for,
A life away from the hugs I ran for.
A thousand suns shone bright, and then
Dusted in the rain clouds hence.

Am I not envious? I am.
Of those who never saw your plan.
Or those who never will, will soak
Your thousand suns in a single croak.
As I stand on ground, in rain
Even skies cannot hold the pain.
I look up in hopeful stars. ‘Why’ I ask.
It pinches on my blissful life, it starts
‘Because its your way, a pattern unwinds.
It start with suns, it ends in blinds’.

So show me some torches and I’ll stop them.
In dreams of shadows, I’ll chop them.
And every time some light would pass
It’ll end up in a land dark.



A poet for those who want to read reality; its repercussions and its truth. Away from brooks and solitary reapers, read for the mess; stay for the rhyme.
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