How to Fix WordPress Popular Posts: Sorry No Data So Far After an Update

No doubt, WordPress Popular Posts is a powerful plugin. I use it to feature PoetsGig’s Most Read Poems and Popular in Technology posts. The plugin is running smoothly for about two months or so, but I was forced to temporary disable it when a problem occurred right after I updated to the latest version. I spent much time troubleshooting but it didn’t work.

Fix Sorry No Data So Far WordPress Popular Posts

Recently, I attempted to fix it again.

I noticed WP Popular Posts doesn’t log new data after an update. Last 24 hours and 7 days are all empty. No new view count on Stats window. I confirmed also that data are not increasing on the database tables: wp_popularpostsdata and wp_popularposts summary.

I backed up my site, deleted the plugin from Settings > Plugin, did a refresh and re-installed again. I verified through phpMyAdmin, new database tables are created automatically. (Update: Read the warning at the bottom of the page).

On my wpp sidebar widget, I see “Sorry. No data so far”.

Thought of enabling Ajaxify widget on WPP Settings because I got confused with WP Super Cache vs Super Cacher. WP Super Cache plugin is neither installed nor activated on my site but my hosting provider comes with Super Cacher. After flushing Super Cacher, with Ajaxify enabled, it messes up the wpp sidebar – my whole homepage literally shows inside the sidebar.

Below is the screenshot of what I saw on browser inspector. This isn’t a normal response.

How to Fix WordPress Popular Posts Sorry No Data

I could also remember seeing an appended “” on the path link while Ajaxify is on.

How to Fix WordPress Popular Posts Sorry No Data

So upon re-checking the settings, I disabled Ajaxify and now, my sidebar widget is again showing “Sorry. No data so far”. Time Range is set to Last 24 hours, everything else are set to default.

I originally had the sidebar on my main blog page but for the sake of testing, I used my forum page with a test wpp widget while I waited for 24 hours data results. Reverting to my old setup is easy once wpp plugin starts to work.

Few hours passed, Stats graph started to show data slowly.

My next assignment is to import the old data, or maybe I don’t need to do that at all. Website traffic will come back, anyway. I promise, I will update this post if I decided to the first.

If you can live without the historical data (i.e. All-time or Last30days Popular Posts), then go ahead delete WPP from Plugin page. Otherwise, to keep the two database tables intact with old data, you have to manually upload the latest version of WPP.

1. Take a full backup of your site.
2. Download the plugin.
3. Unzip the file using 7-zip or similar file extraction software and save it on desktop.
4. Double-click the extracted folder, inside you will see a second folder named wordpress-popular-posts. This the one you need.
5. Access your cPanel > File Manager through FTP, navigate to public_html > wp_content > plugins and delete the folder wordpress-popular-posts. Refresh the cPanel page.
6. Still on cPanel > File Manager, click Upload, browse to desktop location of the extracted file wordpress-popular-posts and upload the needed folder (see step #4).

I monitored live traffic more, data are coming in very slowly, view count changed only when I browsed my website using an admin account although Log views is set to Everyone.

Upon further review of my configuration, I found out I have a function code that interferes with WordPress Popular Posts functionality. I removed it temporarily to confirm my suspicion. The code is relevant to prevent non-editor’s write access in the backend.

After removing the said function code, I am getting new traffic as expected. However, I find it weird because I believe the code was there for as long as I remember and I don’t recall having a problem with WPP before the update.

I considered the issue resolved and will just figure out an alternative way to harden database access by other users.

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