How to Fix Createspace Interior Reviewer with Flash Player 10.2 not supported error

Amazon’s Createspace is a popular platform among self-published authors. It provides a full array of tools and services which authors need for independent publishing, and it includes a book interior reviewer (a digital version where you can flip pages of your book).
How to Fix Createspace Interior Reviewer with Flash Player 10.2 not supported error
I released my first book using Createspace, The Coffee Cries Foul, after a couple of cover updates and interior content changes. After many months, I collected some grammatical errors on the book and decided it is now time to make another update.

Yes, Createspace allows author interior minor changes after publication. However, it will temporary halt the sale of your book from Amazon website, as the changes are being reviewed.

When I uploaded the revised copy of my book, I ran the interior reviewer but was greeted by this message:

Your web browser does not currently support Flash Player 10.2, which is required to open Interior Reviewer. For instructions on how to get Flash Player, go here.

I found the reason, why I was prompted the error. And here I am writing this post to share you the simple solution.

If you are using a Chrome browser, it comes built-in with Flash Player but is blocked by default. Users have the option to enable Flash fully or manually enabling it on a site-by-site basis. I would not recommend to enable it for all websites because on recent years, Adobe Flash Player  was target of security vulnerabilities linking to malware attacks. And for sure, nobody wants their computer system to be compromised.

But for the sake of launching an interior review of your book, you have to enable Flash Player. Here’s how to do it safer: by whitelisting the Createspace website.

  • 1. Open a Chrome browser. Type: chrome://settings/content/flash on your browser and press Enter.
  • 2. On the Allow tab, click ADD. You will be prompted an “Add a Site” window.
  • 3. Copy and hit Add button. This is the link where you can make changes to your book project.

Createspace Self-publishing Website

  • 4. Repeat procedure 2 and add
  • 5. Refresh your browser.

Your chrome://settings/content/flash should look like below and you can see the allowed websites to use Flash Player. After refreshing your browser, the error should be gone.

Allow Createspace website to use Flash Player

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4 thoughts on “How to Fix Createspace Interior Reviewer with Flash Player 10.2 not supported error

  1. Taylor says:

    Bless you, I went and got my laptop which is google/chrome and did what you said and it popped RIGHT up!!!! thank you I struggled with 3 different copies over about 4 days to get this to work

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