Read A Poem: A Note for My Best Friend


You are a person closer than anyone else,
You're like a song in my heart.
You're like a poetry to my soul.
A missing colour to my life
My muse to my piece
A canvas to make my life complete.

You're a person who touched deep down in my heart.
I'm comfortable with you by my side
Sharing funny and saddest things under the sun
Even in my sleepless night.
You're really a blessing and a true friend of mine.
A companion who adds happiness to my life.

I thank you for all the things you have done.
For making me smile when I feel blue
For your encouragement to reach my dreams
For understanding me if I act like a kid.
Thank you for giving your time at your busy hour
And most of all, thank you
For always being there as my best friend.

© Mari Felices

Today our featured poet, Mari Felices, shares her favorite poem which she wrote to her bestfriend.

About the Poet
Mari Felices is a simple woman. She graduated from Palawan State University and earned her Bachelor of Entrepreneurship. She is presently working in Hong Kong as a governess. Poetry is one of her passions in life, a reflection of her heart and soul. She is a writer by hobby and her writings reflect her thoughts and feelings.


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