My First Poetry Friday: How Does Poem Write His Heart?

I am checking for book reviewers online in high hopes that somebody would pick up my book for an honest review. I consider giving a physical copy of my book, The Coffee Cries Foul if the reviewer is in the United States. Well, I hope you understand that shipping charges for international destinations will drain my wallet so this limits my free books giveaway.

Some websites led me to a Poetry Friday hosting blog which I have no idea what I am looking at except, each websites I visited have a poetry post for today and they have links to each other. I looked back and fourth and the only thing that is clear to me – Buffy’s Blog is hosting this week’s online event called Poetry Friday.

Dandelions poem

I do hope bloggers are reading this post and probably, they could extend help for me to understand how this Poetry Friday works (credit to whoever created this name). I am very glad to take part. And so, here is my first Poetry Friday share:

How Does Poem Write His Heart?

does poem
feel hunger inside the womb
of lawn’s grass flowers

does poem also
walk through the valleys
seeking tongues from dandelions

does poem
birth words by watching tulips
and wild daffodils

does poem also
stare emptily and weeping
over dreary tombs

if not,

how does poem write his heart?

© Ymatruz


After a couple of search results, I stumbled on this website Kidlithosphere Central which apparently is a central hub for bloggers writing in the areas of children and young adult literature. They have a list of bloggers rounding up for the Poetry Friday tasks each week. The good news is, they accept new members. The bad thing – I am not sure if  Ymatruz Instinct is suitable to the group. Anyway, I will still try to reach out and if you see another poem post here called Poetry Friday, then you know what it means.

Thanks to Buffy for providing a wonderful resource link to a blog that explains what is Poetry Friday.  It is extremely helpful.

If you are a blogger and lover of poetry, you are welcome to join Poetry Friday.

Buffy has the roundup at Buffy’s Blog

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14 thoughts on “My First Poetry Friday: How Does Poem Write His Heart?

  1. Carol Varsalona says:

    Welcome to Poetry Friday, Ymatruz. Newcomers are always welcomed. There is #poetrylove here. I have an invitation for you. I design galleries of artistic expressions for the world to behold the beauty of poetry and appreciate writer's voice. My upcoming gallery is called Springsations. If you are interested in sharing your image poem and separate image of the dandelion, I would gladly add it to the gallery. I have offerings from other Poetry Friday friends and many from across the globe. Here is the invitation: At the bottom of the invitation is a link to last year's springtime gallery so you can see what one looks like. You can also look on Twitter using the hashtag #Springsations. If interested leave me a message at my post,

  2. Kay says:

    Welcome to Poetry Friday! It's a great group with lots of great poetry to share. I enjoyed your poem–especially the stanza with the tongues of dandelions. Dandelions have been showing up a lot in my poems this spring–maybe because the yard is full of them!

  3. Mary Lee says:

    Glad you found us! Love your poem! Here's my verse —

    does poem
    wilt from lack of nourishment
    a dearth of truth

    Hope you'll come back next Friday!

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