A Tribute Poem to the Victims of War & Terrorism

No city wants to be a battlefield for wars. This is a poem dedicated to the people of Marawi and the Philippines soldiers as they wrestle with devastating impact of terrorism.

On Marawi Siege

have you met the angels,
the victims of war?
have you seen them lately,
their trembling knees?

they beg the rain to come
to wash the pain away
from their bleeding homes,
their wounded bones
they crave nights of silence
to let them sleep
to let them eat

burned bridges of the city
there is no place to hide
powdered rocks sounded like
muffled drums
in the ears of those who died
of those who lost their lives
of those with hungry stomachs
starving each night
with clenched fists
that can never win the fight
grasping the elusive tail
of intangible peace
of stingy air on their palms
they long to breathe freely
to remain alive
to remain standing
in the middle of bloodshed
in the middle of nothingness
of rumbling blankness

of selfish war.


– ymatruz

Salute for the Philippine flag and soldiersSalute to the Philippine soldiers!

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Ymatruz is the author of poetry book: The Coffee Cries Foul. She founded PoetsGig.com hoping to accommodate works of other poets and writers, anywhere in the world. She also writes about her blogging and migration experience on PoetsGig. Her motto: "By experience you learn. By embracing mistakes, you become a master of perfection."
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