Rekindled Passion: My Journey to Publication Part 2

Last month I wrote a blog article about the first part of my Rekindled Passion – My Journey to Publication. I find that writing is really enjoyable so I decided to create a continuation of that article. The list of poems is getting longer. However, I have self-published some of my poetry since then.

Don't give up quote

To be honest, so far, all I got are rejection notices for my publication attempts. But I ain’t giving up, I believe the sun will shine for me in due time. I will have to improve my writing skill.

Here are my new poems starting last week of August to date and note that if there is no link for it, that means the poem was submitted for other publications.


UPDATE SECTION: This post will be updated from to time for adding new poems in the list.

October 9, 2016: Added the poem “Multiple Conception”.
October 10, 2016: Added the poem “The Linguist’s Tongue”.
October 13, 2016: Added the poem “Two isn’t Always a Perfect Pair”.

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