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Winter in Somerset

So you are askin’ me how is winter this year?
It’s chilly, dry and colder each day.
And kids love it, in snow they play.

As days passed by, I know spring is coming near.
Though I’m gonna miss cuddling by the fire.
To feel warm around is my heart’s desire.

Winter is hard and makes the nights so long.
The loneliness that brings by the naked trees around.
Even the birds are sad, their home is bound.

While, I cannot wait to come the hot, hot summer.
Tomorrow when I wake up, there’s a new beginning.
Fresh buds will bloom, that’s what spring will bring.

You held me captive in the warmth of your heart.
No winter snow nor coat is thick enough to dare.
Any season will be jealous by the love we share.

Winter in Somerset poem

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