Platinum, 78

by Julia Klatt Singer


 Life is nothing more than this; we are either

the shaker or the thing that shakes.

Add me up and you’ll find I’m precious, rare,

but highly unreactive. Divide me

by desire, see how I neatly fit around

your finger.  I long for a box to climb into,

a bed of a tissue folded in half—I am soft,

will bond easily with you.

Want to be all I am. Nothing more.

A catalyst.  A spark.

The silvery light that lingers,

sweet and dreaming.

© Julia Klatt Singer

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Cobalt Co, 27

The color I bruise, the color of blood, the color of dusk, of knowing, of longing. I hold my breath imagine you; the color of your eyes--the color of the sea, of crickets, of music, of me. The color stars turn when they realize they are no longer alone.  

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